Experience nature and wildlife conservation as a volunteer at Thanda Safari, a Big-Five reserve in KwaZulu-Natal.

Ulwazi means place of learning in isiZulu and this is the ethos of the Ulwazi Research Programme. Thanda Safari’s vision from the outset has been to advance conservation on the property by restoring the balance between wildlife populations, natural habitats and ecological processes.

The Volunteer Programme gives you the opportunity to be a part of conservation management on the reserve whilst also contributing to wildlife and conservation research.  As part of their vision for a centre of learning excellence, Thanda Safari hosts Africa Nature Training (ANT) at Intibane. ANT is an established South African company offering a range of professional guiding courses as well as educational experiences for nature enthusiasts. Working in association with Thanda Safari, their expertise allows the Ulwazi programme to incorporate another whole range of exciting bush-learning opportunities not included in traditional Volunteer programmes.


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