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Thanda Safari is a 14,000-hectare Big 5 private game reserve situated in the northern reaches of Zululand, South Africa, where the Great Rift Valley rises in the Lebombo Mountains. In this unique and ancient landscape, you experience the power and presence of wildlife and of the legendary Zulu people who are part of this land.

In 2014 Thanda Safari was officially proclaimed as a Protected Environment within South Africa’s Biodiversity Stewardship Programme. This is a major achievement given that the reserve is just over ten years old.

In the early 2000s, when Thanda Safari was established, all the naturally occurring wildlife that historically occurred here was reintroduced.

In addition to being a protected environment and world-class private game reserve, what further distinguishes Thanda Safari is that it partners with the neighbouring Zulu communities in a range of educational, job creation, skills upliftment and cultural preservation programmes.

Many of the people from these communities are part of Thanda Safari’s wildlife and management teams. It is a fine example of conservation and communities coming together for the benefit of people and wildlife.

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